Barbara and Alan Dreeben

When approached to be a part of the early-stage investment, there was no hesitation. We were excited to be Early Investors and support the forward thinking and planning of the institution’s high-integrity leaders. This was back in August 2020, and we were motivated to contribute to the future of business education at The University of Texas at Austin. We wanted to be part of the momentum of having the McCombs School recognized as one of the country’s premier business schools. To do so, we must live up to that standard, not only to increase the numbers of students enrolled in undergraduate programs, but to create an environment with all the bells and whistles of a premier public research business school. The students and faculty will be excited to work in such an environment, which will lend to the first-class experience, and students will take pride in their accomplishments and the tangible outcomes during their years following graduation from the McCombs School of Business at UT Austin.